We are building the future of Education in South Africa. It is a DIGITAL EDUCATION ECOSYSTEM

We believe this is what Education looks like in the 4th Industrial revolution. An ecosystem that links learners across the country to ICT education on mass, but also introduces them as unique individuals to the world and the world to them.

We have created an environment where information and services can pass seamlessly in multiple directions (a distributed economy model) thereby redefining roles, entities and individuals and how they interact to create value.

We believe that this will unlock unparalleled opportunities for businesses and invaluable potential in learners around the country enabling them to contribute to themselves and the communities around them creating a sustainable and long-lasting impact


What does all this mean?

At the heart of it, we are striving to empower the underprivileged youth of South Africa by providing them with educational resources, access to a digital identity and a multitude of opportunities at no cost to the learners.

It is a self-funding ecosystem through partnerships which provide and take advantage of data exchanges, hard copy to e-book replacements, government spend allocations and revenue generation streams.

Our target is to impact

1 Million learners by 2024


How does it work?

To get this concept off the ground, we have set it up as follows:

1. We have partnered with Content providers

3 major publishers are sponsoring Electronic Textbooks.
The Department of Education online resources, Wikipedia and multiple other sites and platforms will also be accessible.

2. We have partnered with a Network & Platform provider

MTN has sponsored a private network that allows controlled access to the educational content.
This ensures no distraction of the internet, social media etc.

We have partnered with company to create software (an app) in the form of an easy to use and fun portal for education.
Its designed to be intuitive and therefore will require no technical proficiency to navigate

3. We prove the concept by first round distribution of OMANG devices (20,000 Pilot) through social grants/sponsorships

For this ecosystem to be viable, it needs numbers. We need enough learners, teachers and entities involved to demonstrate the value to each sector and to start the revenue generation streams.

The cost of entry into the ecosystem is R2000 (ex VAT) once off per learner. This covers all costs (device, content, connectivity, data, platform, development & operational) for a period of 3 years from Gr 10 to 12,
ensuring we equip them for a real future.

We are looking for Companies to sponsor schools (150 – 250 learners) or contribute a lump sum based on B-BBEE points value and we will distribute devices to the equivalent no. of learners

4. Return on Investment for Sponsors

In return for funding in the initial pilot phase, we can offer sponsoring companies the following benefits & opportunities. These will continue to grow exponentially once we reach critical mass.


  • 5 pts for Socio-Economic Development through our NPO The CLN Education Fund
  • 5 pts for Enterprise Development as we are 51% Black-owned

For more detail, please see our CLN B-BBEE Brochure


  • Linking brands to purpose
  • Direct a message to the learner or communities they live in via  every sponsored device


  • 1 survey per month per device sponsored
  • 10 questions to gain valuable insights
  • Can be linked to promotions/rewards


  • Individual talent Profiling
  • Specialized Support and Pipelining
  • Mentorship Opportunities


  • Aggregated and Anonymous (POPIA)
  • Data and analytics that could provide key insights for future business projects or innovations


  • Full association rights with CLN
  • Show your company cares about social upliftment & education
  • Have a real social impact

EDUCATION is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”


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