Our Progress

Our Progress

So what have we done in our first year..

Below are the headlines… For a detailed report, please click here.

OCTOBER 2018 – Teacher Launch and Training session

OCTOBER 2018 – First launch of Omang Devices

About 450 devices were distributed to learners and teachers at Vulamasango, Phehellang and Olien Secondary School

OCTOBER 2018 – Software was hacked

Because the platform is able to monitor usage on individual devices, we were able to quickly identify which devices were hacked first and talk to the specific learners involved. We could therefore understand the flaws in the software and update it to ensure this would not recur.

JANUARY 2019 – CLN Ops was established

In the first round of device deployment, we hired some students from WITS to assist us. We were impressed with their initiative and work ethic and in keeping with our vision of helping unlock potential in young South Africans, we wanted to give them an opportunity to start their own micro-business as a service provider to the CLN. We are currently mentoring this CLN Ops team so that they can develop as entrepreneurs and learn the skills they need to run a successful business. It is important to us to contribute to job creation and small enterprise support in this way.

JANUARY 2019 – Second round of device distribution

This brought our total devices deployed up to about 660.

FEBRUARY 2019 – Jendamark came on board

This changed our ownership profile such that the CLN is now >51% black owned as classified under B-BBEE.

MARCH 2019 – CLN Showcase Event

MARCH 2019 – OFM signs on as an official Media Partner

APRIL 2019 – QwaQwa Government Outreach with President Ramaphosa

APRIL 2019 – Deployment of Devices to Thahameso

This was sponsored through support from the office of the Premier of the Free State, adding an additional 135 devices to the network.

APRIL 2019 – Standard Bank Free State sponsors a school

MAY 2019 – Server Upgrade

MAY 2019 – Deputy President hands out Omang Devices at Tiisetsang School

JULY 2019 – Demo and Progress discussion with the MEC and IT officials of the DOE

JULY 2019 – Feedback sessions at Vulamasango & Olien

With Omang devices being in the hands of learners for about 6 months, it was time to understand how they are feeling about it, how they are making a difference to their learning and hear their suggestions for how we can improve the content and/or functionality of the devices. The MEC came along and it was great for him to be able to address and engage with the learners directly and see first-hand how much potential the Omang devices have.

JULY 2019 – CLN featured in Education Budget Vote 2019/20

JULY 2019 – Handover to Mohaladitwe Secondary School

About 250 Omang devices were deployed to Mohaladitwe Secondary School

We were honored to have the The Premier of the Free State and two of her MECs in attendance and involved in handing out devices to the learners.

AUGUST 2019 – CLN learners to participate in Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge

In 2019, every learner on the CLN network will have access to the competition platform through their Omang Device. This is a great example of how the learners on our network will have access to opportunities that they otherwise would not have had. It is also a great opportunity for the CLN to demonstrate how effective the Omang devices can be in digitally rolling out opportunities without any other infrastructure required.


To Date, we have deployed 1084 Omang devices to 5 schools with a total of 1016 learners and 68 teachers on the network. Below is a breakdown per school.