EdTech in SA

EdTech in SA

The Problem

In its 2015 report, The World Economic Forum ranked South Africa LAST globally in the quality of mathematics and science education, and 139 out of 143 countries when looking at the overall quality of its education system. In addition,

The Main Barriers

Digital education has the potential to change this but there are barriers preventing mainstream adoption:


  • Although device prices have been trending down, cost is still a massively inhibiting factor
  • Type of device also matters – screen size and ability to support the required learning platforms


  • Whilst most of the population has 3G coverage, the cost of data is still high
  • Learning materials, particularly video lessons require huge amounts of data


  • Many online learning platforms exist but few are tailored to South African learners and syllabus
  • Whilst many are free, high-quality online learning material has a cost associated with it

The Solution

Our Business model