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Core Partners

The key to our business model is that it must make business sense to our partners, leveraging each of their strengths in delivering the complete solution and overcoming the challenges we face in digital education in SA.

The Closed-Loop Learner Network has secured the following industry leaders to partner us for the Pilot launch

Department of Education

Will be driving both Teacher and Learner Engagement, ensuring use of the devices in classroom as well as at home.

The DoE has assisted in choosing the 81 schools (20,000 learners) for the pilot launch. These are the most challenged in terms of facilities and educator support ensuring we impact the most deserving learners

MTN and MTN Foundation

MTN will provide the secure and controlled technological infrastructure through a private Network APN

Through the MTN Foundation the data costs are minimized

We have partnered with Huawei Technologies Co. to provide a world class interactive device.


We will be managing the Partnerships and ensuring the sustainability and success of the initiative through constant enhancement of content and functionality based on data retrieval and analysis.

We will facilitate national expansion of our network by providing our investors with the perfect intersection between profit and purpose to make a real impact in the lives of our learners

Shuter & Shooter, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press

These major publishers are sponsoring 800,000 Electronic Textbooks which are CAPS approved/aligned for use in public schools across the country. This is the primary Content on the devices

The donated books cover a range of subjects incl. Languages, Maths Literacy and Life Sciences

Webetron Technology

Webetron Technology will provide the learner an easy to use and fun portal for education. Its designed to be intuitive and therefore will require no technical proficiency to navigate.

In the background the platform will constantly collect background analytics that will provide invaluable insights to improve education in rural communities.

(Social Impact Investors)

We would like YOU to form the final strategic partner by covering the Device cost for the pilot launch.

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