About Us

About Us

We are a team of people who believe we can make a real difference in education in South Africa. We are going to provide under-privileged learners with the resources they need to ensure they get a quality education and a shot at any future they have dreamed of.

We are passionate about bringing people together and forging partnerships that create real value, that pioneer change and that bring real purpose and transformation to the lives of young South Africans.

Our Vision

To Discover Potential and Rescue Talent from Obscurity


To see every child as an individual and seek to understand their aspirations and connect them with opportunities, growth and their future


To provide a controlled framework where children are mentored, guided, nurtured and exploded


To design a model where the public and private sectors come together to create a profitable social upliftment program for public benefit

Our Values

  • Heartfelt Connection – We strive to ensure that every person we encounter in every aspect of our network feels truly impacted by every interaction with us
  • Identity – We see all people as individuals, each with their own story to tell and their own self to discover and we seek to understand them in all that they are
  • Diversity – We see all talents and capabilities as equally important and valuable. We strive to harness the great power and strength that comes from bringing together people with their unique talents and capabilities
  • Creativity – We strive to create inspiring opportunities and unique outcomes by encouraging people to break free from the constraints of what is considered normal
  • Purpose-built-Profit – We seek to put purpose as the foundation on which we build our profits. They must drive each other, as both are critical as measures of our success.

Meet the Team

Sandy Newborn
Communications & Operations (currently on maternity leave)

Sandy has a degree in Chemical Engineering from UCT. Her work experience includes several years in the FMCG industry working for a large multinational company in Manufacturing, Planning and Projects where she handled complex product portfolios, intense dynamic situations and cross-functional communications.

Sandy is passionate about perfect execution and projects that matter – bringing everyone and everything together to bring an idea to life. Her personal philosophy is: Always dream of more, but always be perfectly content in the present.

Ajit Gopalakrishnan
Founding Partner

Originally from Botswana, Ajit has an Electro-Mechanical Engineering Degree from UCT as well as a Masters in Electronic Engineering from a Melbourne University.

His work experience spans several industries and functions, including Engineering, Marketing, Factory and Project Management. Most recently, he led two significant factory transformation projects for a multinational FMCG organization.
Ajit is passionate about living out his purpose in everything he does, and helping others recognize and fulfill their own purpose. His personal philosophy is: Be different, do good, be unconstrained and really care.


Technical Operations Team

Kamogelo Mashotja
Kamo matriculated in 2012 and joined the mining industry shortly after his matric. He worked in various departments from underground to plants.
He then completed his BSc in Industrial engineering at Wits University. He now works as a planner for an FMGC company in addition to the work he does for the CLN. During his undergraduate years, Kamo was involved in tutoring and mentoring with the objective of making learning easier and more fun.
His life goal is to use the skills he learned as an undergraduate to simplify and improve the efficiency of the current education system. He finds satisfaction from seeing others gain hope and reaching their highest potential.


Nkululeko Shongwe

He is currently doing his final year in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand. He has worked in various engineering companies, tutoring companies as well as in high schools.

He has always been an individual who is fascinated by mechanical things particularly automobiles and aircraft. Aside from Engineering, he is interested in Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Education. He started working with the CLN in 2018 fulfilling his passion in education.


Karabo Sekonyela

Karabo is currently pursuing an honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Wits University. He is part of the Golden Key International Honour Society as well as a Targeting Talent Programme, which aims to expose high school students to the broadness and excitement of the field of engineering.

His goal is to provide learners who come from previously disadvantaged households an equal opportunity to increase their desire to succeed. He is action-orientated and his personal philosophy is: In a world were change is inevitable, be sure not to lose yourself.