Omang Ecosystem

Omang Ecosystem

The Omang Ecosystem opens an access channel between the learners and a multitude of available learning resources, enabling South Africa to take the first step in sustainably addressing the challenges in education at scale.

Through the wide scale distribution of self-contained, pre-loaded and pre-networked Omang Devices, each learner will have a digital identity, a talent profile and access to digital learning material.

The business model is such that the OMANG device as well as content and connectivity are provided FREE to the learner.


We call it OMANG, which means IDENTITY in Tswana,
because it is introducing learners to a digital world where they can discover
who they are and develop into who they can be.

Our Business Model

Through key partners each contributing their expertise, we will overcome the key barriers by providing

     A Device

    • An interactive 7-inch Android Tablet
    • Device insurance


  • Zero-rated access to educational sites like Wikipedia and DoE resources
  • Email and chat forums



  • SA syllabus textbooks
  • Tutorial videos and other value add content


In exchange,

     Access to learners

The network will provide the Department of Education, Our Partners and Private Sector with an unprecedented, real time, direct access channel to learners at a national scale. In addition, our model will leverage existing business infrastructure and capacity, requiring minimal investment from our partners in exchange for brand association and large scale individualized consumer access.


​The front-end device will provide a cost reduction or cost parity per child to the government versus existing spend on hardcopy textbooks in the first year and thereafter provide an interactive platform where new versions, content and feedback can be digitally distributed without additional logistics, management or costs.

Watch a YouTube video of how it will all work:

CLN Concept Overview


Although this model is designed to be self-funded through existing DoE budget re-allocation and the commercial appeal of access to the network, we need to show proof of concept through a pilot launch.

This is where we need you!